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Executive Recliner Motorcoaches

Our 40 passenger Executive Recliner Motorcoaches are ideal for traveling in a first-class experience. These coaches include foot rests, an additional four inches of reclining USB plugs in every seat, onboard Wi-Fi, and more.

Executive Recliner Motorcoach Features

  • 40 passengers
  • Full size coach
  • “First Class Experience” without the first class pricetag
  • Leg Rests
  • Four inch further recline than a standard coach seat
  • Satellite TV included at no charge
  • WiFi
  • 110 volt and USB plugins at EVERY seat
  • Cordless Mic
  • Bluetooth Enabled Stereo
  • Changeable interior lighting to match team colors or company colors
  • 100% all leather seating surfaces
  • Seatbelts for all passengers
  • Restroom
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